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Introduction and Welcome

BICSI Training Update

BICSI Global and BICSI Update




9.30am - 10.15am


David Wolfenden





Data Centre Testing...Making it Real


How do we make Integrated Systems Testing of Critical Facilities as realistic as possible? This presentation will discuss the benefits of re-testing in shared data centres and testing of other critical facilities. It will offer real-world examples of where you can win, and more importantly, tell you how.


11.00am - 11.45am


Angelo Apa


Technical Sales and Business Development Director


Lenovo Data Center Group - UK & Ireland

KEYNOTE - The Future Defined Data Centre


What is a data centre? And what purpose does it really serve? How important is the infrastructure that all our data resides on? What’s driving the change to redefine the data centre?


Come and listen to Angelo Apa as he describes the very real and growing demands on data storage and management, set against a backdrop of reductions in budget and the need to drive down costs.

It’s a classic conundrum that CTOs, CIOs or any manager of technology infrastructure - from any size of organisation - will relate to, with line-of-business requirements increasing in demand and complexity. Throw in exponential growth in data, multiple devices accessing the data, and impending legislation like GDPR, and it’s a perfect storm brewing that needs to be addressed.


Angelo will explain how Lenovo’s Data Centre Group are taking an entirely different approach, building on the heritage of 25 years of producing the most reliable server and storage technology available, but rethinking the approach with a software-defined design that challenges the status quo. With no legacy acquisitions to protect, you’ll learn how Lenovo’s open and customer-centric approach to the future defined data centre is available today.


11.45am - 12.30pm


Ian Bitterlin

Forget PUE, look at the ICT load


If we were cynical we could say that PUE was introduced to deflect attention away from ICT loads that were inefficient and consumed energy regardless of their loading.  This presentation looks at the ‘one’ in the PUE and is in two parts; first the growth in European data traffic that has driven power consumption, with some surprising recent developments, and then the differences in power consumption that choosing the right server hardware can make to data centre effectiveness.


2.00pm - 2.45pm


Laura Bimboes


Pre-sales engineer



Transforming MMFs into SMFs using Multi-Plane Light Conversion (MPLC) technology


Are multimode fibers limiting the capacity of your LAN? Do you need higher bandwidth to enhance the performances of your network? This presentation will go over the Multi-Plane Light Conversion (MPLC) technology and how it can help you increase the capacity of your existing multimode fibers by 400 times fold or more in three hours.


2.45pm - 3.30pm


Fjodor Lamm


Head of Marketing


Nexans Advanced

Network Solutions

A paradigm shift for LAN infrastructure


For more than 20 years, there has been no new and ground breaking networking technology. The use of structured cabling based on the twisted pair has been established for years. There were some improvements in speed and usage of POE during this time. Well, the network has become faster - but at the same time more complicated to realise. However, this is no longer enough in a time of rapid changes in technology and increased demands for redundancy and energy efficiency. Something completely new has to be done; it is time for the much-vaunted paradigm shift. The use of fibre-based concepts for secondary cabling up to the users can initiate this paradigm shift and completely change the network infrastructure we know.


4.15pm - 5.00pm


Christian Schillab


Product Manager


Fluke Networks

Presentation - TBA



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